Welcome to Imperial College - The Premier CIMA institute in Sri Lanka

  • Who we are

    Imperial College is a leading business school and one of the oldest in Sri Lanka to offer CIMA education. Imperial College,Sri Lanka  is a certified ‘CIMA Learning Quality Partner’ and is the only institute in South East Asia to have two branches in the same country that bear this prestigious title.


  • Why CIMA

    Being a CIMA member opens up the world for you. You will be a Management Accountant – part of the prestigious professional body ­– and will be able to use the designation of Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) whilst obtaining a competitive advantage in the local and international  job markets.

  • Why us

    An experienced panel of CIMA lecturers conduct classes for CIMA : Covering the Certificate Level, Operational Level, Management Level, Strategic Level and TOPCIMA. Our lecturers are dedicated and will guide you every step of the way. Our Students also enjoy a host of fun activities and better prospects through guaranteed job placements.

Imperial College wins at the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2014

SLIM BRand Excellence Awards 2014

CIMA for Undergraduates

CIMA for undergrads
CIMA Revision